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03/02/2020Blog, Motion, Videos

What is a video explainer?

Video explainers, or explanatory videos, are short videos that summarize basic and essential information to teach your client a new service or product, what it is, how it works and what it is for. They are videos that are usually characterized by being dynamic and lively, capture the attention of the public very well and the information is retained better than through reading.

How can I use an explanatory video?

The explanatory videos with animation not only serve to enrich the website of our company, saving very long texts where we can lose a large part of our potential clients. These videos are perfect to share with a newsletter, also through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn and we can use them to enrich the YouTube or Vimeo channel, helping us to better position ourselves in search engines.

What advantages does animated video offer me in explanations of services and products?

  • Your good acceptance in the public for being more dynamic and attractive.
  • Greater attention span in the public, capturing the information much better and in a more lasting way.
  • The language, converts image, sound and text, its capabilities being much greater than the only visual and static information of the text or the still image.
  • Image and much more representative brand values and marked to show our company to the public.
  • A greater possibility of broadcast channels, opening and facilitating our message to reach a larger sector of our target.
  • Be able to transmit information in a more simplified way , showing the product or service and its use or how it can help the viewer, all in a faster way without creating texts or schemes that saturate the client.

How to make an animated video?

For the creation of an explanatory animated video we need the information to be displayed and the script or the explanatory process, once the content of the message is defined, we have to choose a visual style that transmits the image of the brand, an appropriate music that accompanies it and set the pace, create the narrative story and produce the video. With these steps your company can enjoy a video with animation that identifies with the brand and explains your product or service, it only remains to be disseminated and verify its positive impact on your business.

Do you need more information about explanatory animated videos?

You can take a look at our YouTube and Vimeo channels and if you want a video for your company you can contact us and together we will see how we can help you grow your business.

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