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05/12/2019Blog, Videos

Benefits of recording a company event

The influence of Social Networks and digital word makes us accustomed to receiving a lot of concentrated information. We need a visual short content format. The best tool to get results is video.

When a enterprise makes a event, it does actions of brand values. The events provide very interesting information of the company and a video can show this information.

The clients will choose you for your personal brand and values, if you have a lot of competence, this is the right form to differentiate of other companies.

video summary after SIMO EDUCACIÓN 2019 at IFEMA, Madrid.

What types of videos for corporate events can be recorded?

Depending on the event, several different videos can be made to before the event, during the event and after the event. It also influences whether the event is internal to the company or external.

Videos for internal company events

The internal company events can to be team building, Team Day Outdoor, company dinners… The events are interesting to workers but the events can to be interesting to customers because it show the brand values. You can make a video to workers before the events and make a video summary after the events.

The most interesting thing for a marketing strategy is to record during the event. We can record short videos to social networks, resource videos and interviews with de workers.

Epic Day Outdoor: Karts! – Internal company event by Epic Labs

Videos for external company events

This type of events usually to be activities by a company or a collaboration of companies. The external events are to promote news services and products, to know the news changes, to make a meetings… The objetive is to get new customers and strengthen consumer confidence.

When to make a external event is important to promote before and send to everyone. The video must to show every essential information. It’s important to pay attention on music, script and composition because you should to have a audiovisual team to help the marketing department.

You can record all event and publish it in video platform and show it to the customers that didn’t go to event.

Record and make a video summary it’s very good marketing tool, it will to be a form to create a brand awareness in the customers and your company will be different.

Video summary of Connecting Media event, organized by InterxionGoogle CloudColt y Epic Labs.

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