Motion Graphics or animated videos. Trend in networks as a marketing tool.

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What is motion graphics and what are they used for?

Motion graphics or “motion graphics” is a dynamic image that can be produced through graphics, photography, video and audio, or a combination of these. They have a communicative purpose through visual attraction instead of using text or images in a fixed way that have a less striking result for the public.

The design of motions graphics can be classified depending on the technique into 4 types.

Motion graphics techniques

Kinetic, graphic designs and typographies that vary from one another and have movement, are usually accompanied by sound or music.

Kinetic Typography or animated typography, are moving texts, although it seems a simple technique you can achieve very striking and dynamic images that attract a lot to the public. This technique is usually combined with music, which makes the information very attractive and reinforces its memorization in the receiver.

Stop Motion, the oldest technique on which cinema is based, a photographic montage, that through the succession of images in time the effect of movement is achieved.

Real image with animations, the kinetic technique and / or animated typography are combined with videos of reality, in this way a simple video becomes a much more complete tool for transmitting information and which in turn manages to be much more attractive than A normal explanatory video.

The graphics can be both 2D and 3D or a combination of both.

Motion graphics for Interxion España

Motion graphics applications

Motion graphics design can be used to unify a corporate visual image, in the case of television networks or OTT services such as Netflix or HBO are the main support element for your brand, either by animating the logo or through resources repetitive as the animation of titles, credits, presentations, etc.

But it is not only used in this sector, all types of companies make use of graphics and images animation as it is a very visual and direct way to reflect the personality and values ​​of a brand, whether to advertise products, services, information or just make yourself known.

Motion graphics are not only present at the corporate level, we also find them as artistic and decorative elements in video clips, audiovisual art, movies and series. Another way to see the animations is in marketing strategies, they are very effective commercial tools, for example we find them in television ads and digital platforms, whether they are more complex videos such as ads or simpler animated images such as banners.

Motion Graphics for Epic Labs.

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