How to increase the likes of my Facebook page


We are experts in creating content for social networks and we know that growing in social networks for a brand is important, we send you a new Facebook functionality (without the need for installations). It is to invite all the friends you have in your Facebook account to give to ‘like’ your page.

Normally this process had to be done manually and, in order to do it with everyone at once, it was necessary to install applications in the browser. Now, Facebook allows you to do it easily and easily.

1- Access your Facebook page

2- Go to the section where it says “Invite your friends”.

3- Click there, the following window will be displayed

4- Click to click where it says “All friends”, all will be selected immediately.

5- And nothing else, click send button and in a short time the notification will arrive..

This is only possible from each Facebook profile. In order that you also get the “like” of your neighbor, your friends or your family if they still did not know you.

We hope you found it useful and if you need anything you can find our creative studio in Madrid in the Ramón y Cajal area, near Plaza Castilla 🙂

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